About SPSO

SPSO develops the capability of the Leaders within your organisation to make those problems that just will not go away, go away.
Executives tell us that they have to achieve more in less time with an increased constrained resource. Senior managers tell us that the world they are doing business in, is changing rapidly. How do we, as Leaders, keep up with the pace of change and the expectations of our roles and responsibilities?
The world that we are in now is VUCA World, where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the new normal.

Become the next serious option as the next successor.

SPSO is a program to:

– make sense of complexity
– develop new generations of leaders
– help leaders have courageous conversations


Imagine an everyday real problem that you are facing right now, a problem that is keeping you awake at night or perhaps a goal with a benefit that is yet to come. Imagine a place where there is real time application of skills to the problems that you are facing in the workplace. Imagine a handful of key principles that could make the biggest difference to your leadership, the results that you experience, the collaboration that you enjoy and the value that you add to yourself and the organisation that you are part of.
SPSO has benchmark content and incredible collaboration in the room and it brings those two things together to focus on the problems that won’t go away in your work place and the goal where the benefits have yet to come. SPSO is designed to help you solve the unsolvable problems. SPSO is designed to help you with those problems that won’t go away, and make them, go away.