For Your Business

“Research has shown that just over 1% of companies actually outperforms their industry.”* Why is this? Organisations are all too often responding to new complexities with old data points, strategies and decisions. They really should not be surprised that they are getting the same results as they have had in the past.
The SPSO solution helps you and your organisation to break through by creating new insights where your high performers find more accurate data points, lead the organisation to develop even more effective strategies and influence the team to make superior decisions.
*McKinsey Quarterly: “The strategic yardstick you can’t afford to ignore”.
Chris Bradley, Angus Dawson, and Sven Smit October 2011


The SPSO Target Audience

The SPSO solution benefits most the Directors and General Managers who have already been identified as high performers and contributors to the organisation or the whole Executive Team.

After Executives have completed their SPSO experience, the Leaders will:-
  • make more accurate sense of complexity
  • be genuine contenders for senior succession
  • have mastered courageous conversations

…and are able to then ‘inspire’ others within the organisation to do the same.