SPSO program

Breakthrough thinking to solve the unsolvable problems.
SPSO Program in Detail

New Generation Successors

Become the next serious option as the next successor.

“Experiential learning by doing”

The SPSO process finds true clarity in complex issues and fosters synergy in bringing multiple diverse perspectives together to generate breakthrough thinking.

The SPSO approach uses live situations within a confidential environment – one of the only Executive Leadership programs on the market to do so – to enhance leader’s real-world strategic thinking capability and facilitate new learning that a leader can immediately leverage to resolve current and pressing workplace issues.

What do you experience in a SPSO Session?

Firstly, we identify what The NEED is, what the problem is, what is something that is keeping you awake at night, or there is a benefit yet to be realised or experienced. We find out what they are for each of the people in the room and decide to focus on one of them.

We then decide to work on the Root Cause ANALYSIS. This where the room begins to really experience a dynamism when the room leans into each other and start to focus on what is really going on. We look for what the real problem is, as there is no point solving a problem that we just think exists. It is more important to solve the problem that is deep down at gut level.

Breakthrough THINKING is then introduced. The room leans into your problem, your goal and what you are trying to solve. The best and brightest lend all of their intellect and energy to make sure that something shifts.

With those 3 things we get Dynamic LEARNING. We get people committed to each other’s problems without any necessary clouding perspectives or distractions from serving what the problem is. We get benchmark content and the dynamic learning, we put the two together and we solve the unsolvable problems.