The SPSO Program in detail

From operational in Year 1 to ground breaking in Year 3
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Leadership style
 Achiever  Catalyst Co-creator
Level of complexity
 Operational  Strategic  Industry Leading
Target area
 Own function  Cross function  Organisation & Industry
Positively impacting
 Direct reports  Peer group and above  Whole organisation
Key Communication style
 Engage  Influence  Inspire
Measure of success
Functional API met in full and on time Collective accountability for organisational result Results that are new ground for the organisation


The SPSO program systematically builds the capacity and the skills to successfully navigate increasingly complex challenges, from operational in Year 1 to industry leading in Year 3.

After Year 1, you will be driving all your and your functional team’s KPIs, milestones and tasks, ensuring they are delivered in full and on time.

After Year 2, you will be influencing your peers and above to ensure that your own function’s and  the organisation results are being delivered together as one collaborative organisation.

After Year 3, you will be inspiring the whole organisation and creating the environment and culture to deliver results that breaks new ground.

The SPSO Program Format

  • Conducted monthly either at  Breakfast (7:30am to 10:30am) or afternoon (1:30pm to 4:30pm)
  • Are confidential and convened by highly skilled facilitators
  • Bringing together senior executive talent from a diverse range of non-competitive industries/companies

Adult Style Learning
Focus on adult style learning, using real scenarios and issues to work through to resolve and learn in a safe, confidential and collaborative environment.

Studies show that lecture style learning leads to 5% retention, whereas SPSO style experiential application based learning leads to 80% retention.